Fees & Levies

School fees are set at the beginning of each calendar year, generally with a small increase from previous years. The fee charged is in accordance with recommended minimum fee suggestions set by Brisbane Catholic Education.

Parents are asked to make every effort in meeting these fees and levies when they fall due. The school relies on these funds for the day-to-day operation of the school.

See also: Fee & Levy Schedule


Statements are issued each month for ten months of the year from February to November, inclusive. Levies are charged in Term 1 only.

  • Payment is due in FULL by the due date

  • DUE DATE for payment is 14 days from date of issue

Payments – Fees And Levies

Payments can be made by several methods

  • Cash


  • BPAY

  • Direct Debit (please see the Secretary for forms)

  • Centrepay deductions  (please see the Secretary for forms)


Each payment is receipted on your school fees statement. Receipts will only be issued if payment is made in cash or cheque.

  • LATE PAYMENTS - please check the issue date on your statements. Payments receipted after this date will be shown yon your next statement. Please adjust the balance on your payment slip.

  • UNRECEIPTED PAYMENTS – If a payment has not appeared on your statement please contact the secretary.

Fees concession

A concessional rate of fees may be negotiated with the Principal for those families experiencing financial hardship. You may apply to the Principal at any time during the year.  See also: Fee & Levy Schedule