Vision, Mission & Logo

​Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a Catholic school community inspired to be “One in Christ”, through learning, faith, and action.
Inspired Learning:
  • connected student centred learning
  • personalised, active and interactive learning environment
  • encouragement of excellence.                   
Inspired Faith
  • knowledge of Catholic life, beliefs, Church, and scripture
  • prayer and celebration
  • the Mary MacKillop story.
Inspired Action
  • creative, flexible, future focussed technology rich environment
  • recognition and celebration of gifts and talents
  • outreach in the dignified service of others.
logocol.jpgThe logo provides a visible articulation of the school, connection to the community, and the school’s religious identity.
Symbolic Representation:
  • People – community
  • Open arms of the people - outreach to community
  • Open hands - welcoming and belonging
  • Cross - centrality of the Jesus story
  • Yellow beads - prayer/rosary and connection to parish
The bright colours were chosen to symbolise the happy
and joyful community environment.