2021 Building and Classroom Works

​The school has been working hard over the last couple of years to ensure we can provide high quality general learning areas for our growing population. As we work closely with the Building and Asset group within Brisbane Catholic Education on our site master planning, a number of exciting parts of the overall plan will be occurring over the end of this term and into the Christmas holidays. To allow for the provision of extra general learning areas for our school transition into a single stream school, we will be having installed on site a modular building next to the office. This building will be cantilevered from in front of the school office, over the existing play area and sports shed, creating an undercroft for the school to utilise. This modular building will see two complete classrooms installed with air conditioning, creating space for our extra class in 2021. As part of a site masterplan the school will be using the acquired vacant land as an oval and running space in 2021. These new spaces will be developed into flexible and multipurpose areas for both our school and before and after school community. Below is an architects design of the spaces that we are aiming to create. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing the timeline and accurate d​esigns of the building and landscaping works that the school will be undertaking. Both these projects are being designed to have the least amount of impact on the school as possible in the shortest timeframe as possible. They are both very exciting and will make a considerable difference to what we are able to offer to our students, staff and community.​

BuildingWorks2021a.jpg BuildingWorks2021b.jpg