Year 2-6 return to school - 25th May

As we look forward to the return of the Year 2 – 6 Students on Monday we can reflect on what has been a very different Term 2. Thank you to my fantastic staff for the way they have adapted, cared and connected with parents and students across this difficult time. I also thank and acknowledge the parents who have done an amazing job with home learning. Life as we know it seems to be adjusting and changing each week. This past fortnight we have welcomed back the Prep and Year 1 classes and it has been wonderful to hear the sounds of joy and learning with school life returning to some normality. Moving forward the drop off and pick up will still look different for the foreseeable future and we thank you for your co- operation with this matter. We also appreciate your patience during next week as we envisage the traffic around our school and Brisbane will mean that it will be a longer journey to and from school, than we have enjoyed over the last several weeks.

It seems a good time to reflect on what we have learnt over the past few weeks about ourselves, our families, communities and society. We need to be mindful of those things that we want to keep from our learnings during this time. When Tomos Roberts, a spoken word poet from London, wrote The Great Realisation and posted it in video form on social media, he didn't think it would go viral. The work, which re-imagines our post-pandemic world, is written in the form of a bed-time story that is being read to a child. Filmed at home with his younger brother and sister, the video has been viewed more than 18 million times across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram since it was posted. So, our challenge is to see what good we can find in the new ‘post pandemic world’. You can watch and reflect on The Great Realisatio​n VIDEO HERE.


  • DROP OFF is 8:15-8:30am
  • PICK UP is 2:55-3:05pm
  • Years 2-6 enter and exit via BOTTOM GATE school playground
  • Years P-1 enter and exit via TOP GATE from Church carpark (siblings is the only exception)
  • Students will be meet by a member of the Leadership Team
  • NO Parents will be allowed to enter the school grounds due to social distancing
  • ALL Resources are to RETURNED to school by MONDAY 25th


As your child returns to school, they may feel a range of emotions, including excitement, relief, or worry. You may notice changes in your child’s behaviour, sleep, mood, interactions with others, or eating habits – these are all normal expressions of worry and by noticing and responding with care and support, you will help your child to feel better. As parents, it is important to be able to:

  • recognise signs of increased anxiety, stress or worry
  • know that it is a normal reaction
  • help children feel safe and supported