Best wishes to our Year 6 Graduates

From your early years teachers and all of your teachers to follow, including Mrs Patmore who has guided you this year, they have seen you grow in confidence, they are so proud of being part of your journey. You have been shaped firstly and most importantly by your family but as a school we are proud to say we have been part of this along with your friends. You have made choices every day that define who you are. As you move to high school we hope that the choices you make continue to define you positively. We will miss you for many reasons. We will miss your laughter and smiles. We will miss your curiosity and your questions. We will miss the kindness you show to our Preps as their buddies and to all the other children in events and in class. You have made all our students feel at home with your care and kindness. We will miss the competitive nature that drives you to succeed, not just on the handball courts. We will miss the friendships that you have developed and displayed. We will miss your creativity, your singing and dancing, your manners in the office and your humility. We will miss you.

Have the PERSISTENCE and COLLABORATION to stretch your skills, knowledge, friendships and abilities. Have the confidence to stay true to your values. It may not always be the popular decision but it will be the right one. We do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. When you hear that voice, it is your values talking. Listen to them.

Be RESILIENT. When you jump, sometimes you will fall. Life is full of joy but it is not always perfect. Know that failure is ok and that it is through our failures that we grow. Have the resilience to get back up again and try again. Keep trying in different ways until you get to where you want to go.

Be PERSISTENT. When you are old and grey, the things that you will be most proud of are the things that took a lot of hard work to achieve. This means that you won’t always be successful straight away. It just means that it will take some time, effort and maybe even some blood sweat and tears. With confidence, resilience and persistence you will be successful in life.