Building Works and Master Plan

‚ÄčThe covered court continues to slowly move on in the build however next week we will really start to see the shape, height and scope of the structure taking place. The structural steel will be delivered to site and across the week will be craned into place. The next stage of the build is the pouring of the slab for the whole space to bind in the structural steel and after curing the painting of the flexible court and construction of steel mesh fencing in all areas along with the soundproof wall to minimise noise to the community. Although there have been some delays on the project the school and builders have been working hard to add extra elements to the project to ensure economies of scale and future use are catered for.

Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on preparing for the future of our school. This is in regard to facilities enhancement, upgrading and the provision of new buildings. Conscious that our school is growing in numbers and is aiming to move into a single stream school in the near future we are currently revising our masterplan. This new masterplan looks at the provision of four new General Learning Areas. These classrooms could be utilised as classrooms, specialist teaching areas and staffroom meeting and professional development spaces. We have begun the design and placement opportunities for these spaces in our school and look forward to sharing these designs with you at the beginning of next year. The school is also working with Brisbane Catholic Education for options regarding a car-parking and pick-up and drop off space and where that can be incorporated into the school masterplan which includes the future use and need for this site.