COVID-19 Update

The Queensland Government announced a range of measures in response to increasing numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in South East Queensland, including changes to gathering restrictions (Movement and Gathering Direction No. 3). Generally, they will limit public gatherings to 10 people in restricted areas. As has always been the case, gatherings exclude gatherings at a school or educational institution that are necessary for the normal business of the facility. Queensland Government authorities have advised that the new gathering restrictions announced will not impact the existing rules for school operations or school activities/events.

From a compliance perspective, schools have a general exemption for activities necessary for their normal operation. However, they still have an obligation to reduce the risk of transmission as far as reasonably practicable. With increased COVID-19 cases being identified in parts of south-east Queensland the situation remains extremely fluid. As has been the case for most of this year, a heightened state of readiness must be adopted by all schools in preparation for changes in restrictions, which are likely to be announced at short notice. At St Mary of the Cross at this stage we will continue to have children enter and leave the school grounds under staff supervision.