Library News - Readers Cup

​​Please read Eric’s wonderful reflection below of our Readers Cup experience. Thank you to Mrs Stiller for accompanying the students and to Mr Webber for driving the bus. Congratulations to Eric, Eli, Savannah, Eduarda, Max and Halle on their participation and enthusiasm on the day. Thank you to the parents who were able to come to Kurwongbah. Until next year!

Readers Cup by Eric (Year 6)
It was a fabulous experience. So many schools, so many questions, so much fun. We had a blast at this year's Readers Cup. We had to read five books, memorize them, and answer questions about them as best we could. There were five rounds, two questions from each book, totalling ten questions in each round. Surrounded by other schools’ tables, we had to whisper among ourselves, then write our best answer down on the paper supplied for us. In between rounds, while the judges were marking, we participated in trivia. Chocolates and raffle tickets were the reward for answering correctly, and a selection of books were the prizes for the raffle winners.

It was never about winning, only the experience, and we had a fantastic time. I think we did better this year, and as St Mary of the Cross enters more often, I think we will have a much more enjoyable experience. I know next year’s team will have fun, and if I got the chance, I would most definitely do it again.