Naming of the Covered Court

With our covered court completed and students playing and enjoying the space, we now need to plan for the official Blessing and Opening of the court. It is our hope that this will occur in the near future as we are look at the planning process for events to be compliant with Covid-19 restrictions. More information around what this event will look like and the inclusion of parents and the community will be communicated in due course. In the meantime the naming of the court has been finalised and will be called “Roblane Court” after Mr Robert Lane whose family are deeply connected to our school site. On the 18th August, 1925 the site and buildings were acquired by Archbishop Duhig for the princely sum of 1,750 pounds, on which our current school sits on. Below is short history of Mr Robert Lane with images of land which we believe to be where our current school and church now stand.

In 1894, a Mr Robert Lane migrated to Australia and settled in a bark and slab hut, which was replaced in 1915 by a building of brick walls and iron roof. Named “Mt Pleasant”, the home and property were, at that time, located on Bowen Bridge Road between Thondley and Bowen Streets. This section of the street, the section that runs down parallel to our school which divides Lutwyche Road, is now named Roblane Street after Mr Robert Lane.


roblanehouse2.jpg roblanehouse1.jpg