End of Term Plans

​In Pope Francis’ general message last week, he reminded us all, “There is no Christianity without mercy”. We are reminded of this message in the Beatitudes in the line, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” We do have the advantage that characteristics, such as care and concern for others, are valued and evident in our community. During these difficult times, let us all continue to be examples of this through both deed and word, being considerate of how others are being affected and offering support where possible. Thank you to those families who have offered their kind words of support and appreciation to our staff and our students over the past few weeks. Let us continue to be God’s mercy as we look after ourselves with consideration for the dignity and respect all in our community at this time.

As previously communicated our school will be undertaking a week of pupil free days. The school will remain open for families of essential workers. These students will complete work that their class teacher has already planned for the week. Students are required to bring their Learning Resource Packs on the days they attend school. If you anticipate your child attending school for supervision next week please email or phone the school office.

I will continue to communicate with families throughout next week and during the holidays as we receive updated information from Brisbane Catholic Education and the Queensland Government. As families would understand there continues to be a great deal of uncertainty regarding the start of Term 2.