Raising Resilient Children Presentation

Thank you to the parents and friends who were able to come last night to hear Dr Kely Lapworth, (school guidance counsellor) and myself talk about building Resilience in your child. We very much appreciate the expertise and practical knowledge that Kely was able to impart and we know that the work she does with staff and students alike is invaluable. The important part of the presentation that I took from it was that Resistance is a skill that can be nurtured and taught. As parents and educators it is our role to capture the teachable moments to build Resilience. Part of that skill is choosing the right moment to talk with our children and students, giving responsibility to our children and having both positive and negative consequences for actions or inactions. It is about allowing children to make mistakes and learn from them whilst acknowledging that practice helps in all areas of life. Resilience is also about the ability sometimes to show “Grit” and work through things without needing support. For students this could look like; I show resilience when I practice a skill I may not be good at or I am resilient when I do something I may not necessarily want to do. Kely last night framed it best when she said “Protection when it is not needed, erodes resilience”. Do we always give our children an opportunity to build their own Resilience. ​