School Camp

Last week I had the pleasure of attending camp. Camp is invaluable for so many reasons. It allows students to develop friendships, challenge themselves and learn new skills. The rewarding moments of camp are seeing the children encourage each other, work collaboratively and show wonderful moments of resilience and persistence as they worked through building catapults, bodyboarding, raft building and mini Olympics. It also allows students to continue to develop independence and opens their mind to new skills and ideas. Also more importantly it is a lot of fun. 

​As part of camp we asked students to reflect on something they learned. Here is a sample of a students reflection that I wish to share with you “I was boogie boarding all morning and kept getting knocked down. Max kept on encouraging me and with PERSISTENCE I caught my best wave ever. It made me feel inspired about what I had achieved”.

​Thank you very much to the staff for their expertise and efforts in making the camp so rewarding and successful for all.