School Improvement Plan

Each year as a school, with support from Brisbane Catholic Education we produce an Improvement Plan that articulates strategies, goals, actions and targets for the year.

In 2018 we have identified the explicit intention of improving student reading and performance in writing. Teachers will be using specific success criteria to analyse student writing and reading and collating these results to see student growth across terms and the year. Some of our early results will be discussed in parent teacher meetings in term 2.

Another area of improvement is opportunities for teacher collaboration and planning across all year levels. This allows teachers time to work as a team to analyse student learning data and respond with strategies and plans that allow all students to grow. This collaboration includes planning, professional development and having experts from Brisbane Catholic Education and consultants work in our school.

Our Master Plan continues to evolve as we aim to enhance the learning environment for our students. With the unpredictable weather hindering our efforts we have finally been able to complete the painting of the office. The roof has also started to go up in our Early Years area. This will allow for far more flexibility in this learning space in all weather conditions.