Technology News

Over the course of this term students across the school have been engaged in some wonderful learning as they enhance their iPad, technology and digital citizenship skills.

  • Prep: Using markup to change and edit a photo, air dropping this back to the teacher to share their learning.

  • Year 1: Practicing typing skills, using markup to edit a photo and using basic colour codes to practice giving directions on a map.

  • Year 2: Developing typing skills and demonstrating these skills in context. Creating tables and graphs using the Numbers app. Understanding computer coding and programming a course with quarter turns and half turns.

  • Year 3: Researching and displaying basic information in an infographic card. Downloading and saving this to their device, sharing this with the teacher and renaming their document. Linking their information via a QR Code.

  • Year 4/5/6: Displaying given data in a table and graph using the Numbers app. Collecting their own data set in a table and converting this to an appropriate graph. Using markup to create a personified picture that uses an ordinary object to tell a funny or creative story.