Our children are spending more time online and connecting with others there. They are introduced to the online world at an earlier age, with statistics showing that kids as young as six are accessing social media sites. To add to this, 78% of eight to nine-year olds have used a social network (with YouTube being the most popular). To help your children, you can empower yourself to take steps to help them keep safe online.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Set rules – what to report to an adult, what websites they can visit, what they post online
  • Encourage them not to share passwords with friends
  • Change privacy settings to make sure their information is private and limit who can connect with them
  • Encourage them to connect only with people they know offline
  • Set a good example - role model safe, healthy and positive online behaviours
  • Use strong passwords and update them regularly
  • Asking a trusted adult before posting any personal information online, including for competition entries
  • Be involved and stay involved – take an interest in the sites they are visiting and get to know them
  • Teach them about the consequences of sharing something online
  • Keep identifying information to a minimum - eg. do not reveal their location
  • Be aware of what your child is doing online and who they talk to
  • Monitor your child’s time online - keep computers or devices in a shared areas
  • Encourage them to talk with a trusted adult about online issues
  • Use filters or parental controls to manage content your child has access to
  • Educate and empower – help your child develop strategies to deal with issues (eg. reporting to an adult)


​The website of the e-safety commissioner has lots of great resources to support parents ( To supplement this we have made contact with an external provider who we hope to offer to parents to listen to and ask questions. This opportunity will be face-to-face or online depending on changes to COVID arrangements. With our technology teaching time across the week we also ensure that students continue to be educated about online safety and use.