Upcoming Events

Below is information around some experiences that are aimed at both students and parents.

​Navigating the Digital World - Thursday 15th July, 6-7.30pm

This is a parent night aimed at educating and supporting parents around being safe and supportive in the digital world. It will be run by Mr Martin O’Brien who works across a number of schools providing digital use and safety advice both to parents and students. Martin worked with our senior students at the beginning of the year as part of an iPad Bootcamp. This will be held on Thursday 15th July from 6-7.30pm in the Library. A form to register your attendance will be emailed tomorrow.​

Celebration ​of Learning - Friday 23rd July, 5-6.30pm

We invite you to attend our Celebration of Learning on Friday 23rd July. This event is around enabling students to reflect on and articulate what they have learned, how they learned, questions they answered, research they conducted, and areas of strength and struggles. We also wish to give parents the opportunity to make learning public in the classroom and outside. Parents and Friends are very welcome and a form has been sent to allow you to register your interest. We also have some very special displays planned to showcase your child/ren’s artwork with a glow in the dark spectacular.

Parent​ Social Night - Friday 20th August, 6.30pm

Bogan bingo, with more information to follow after the school holidays. Watch this space!