Zones of Regulation

Across this term we have had an outside consultant in working with classroom teachers and staff on the Zones of Regulation. This has been about giving both staff and students the language to utilise regarding their emotional regulation. We are very conscious that all students move in and out of these zones across the day but it is about moving towards students being able to recognise how they can try and keep themselves in the Green Zone or get back to the Green Zone for optimal learning. Some of these maybe simple like ensuring children have food that helps them across the day to be focused and learn or ensuring that students can get as much regular sleep as possible.


  • Remind children that it’s OK for them to ask for support. Brainstorm with them about where and who they can go to when they need support.

  • Talk to children about when they might need support, such as when something bad happens, when they’re going through a difficult time, or when they need to talk to someone about how they’re feeling.

  • Explain to children that facing challenges in life can be useful – they help us grow as a person and give us knowledge and skills that make us better prepared the next time something challenges us.

  • Provide children with opportunities to practise empathy. For example, when reading a book or watching a show, about a character who is having a difficult time, ask them how they would feel if they were experiencing the same things as the character.

  • Encourage children while undertaking a challenging task, promoting environments that support a child’s sense of belonging, or brainstorming with children about how they can support their friends during a challenging time.