Book Week - Literacy Day - 22nd August

​It’s that time of year again where we celebrate books, Australian children’s authors and illustrators whilst highlighting the importance of reading. This year we will combine Literacy Day, which falls a few weeks later, with Book Week.

Given the theme – ​“Dreaming with eyes open…” this year students will be encouraged to wear their winter pyjamas or a track suit and create a mask which shows what they are dreaming about. The focus of the Dress Up Parade will be the mask.

We have spent our library lessons exploring the theme and some suggestions that have arisen out of this include:

  • A mask filled with flowers – I’m dreaming of Spring.
  • A mask that has soccer balls - I’m dreaming of being a famous football player when I grow up.
  • A mask with the Statue of Liberty up one side. - I’m dreaming of travelling to New York.

Chat with your child to hear about some of the other ideas which came up in our discussions.

I look forward to introducing the shortlisted books to the students in the coming weeks.