The year 3 and year 5 NAPLAN results are now available on our parent portal for those parents who have students in those year levels. The NAPLAN testing program is completed nationwide, and you will have heard a lot of information about how students, year levels, schools and states have performed. At St Mary of the Cross, we use the data to assist in tracking individual and whole school developments as well as identify areas in need of development. When looking at your child’s report, it is important to remember that this type of testing does not build on the explicit high-quality teaching that is occurring in your child’s classroom each day. The classroom teacher provides engaging, open ended​ problem- solving opportunities for your child. NAPLAN is a standardised test that by its very nature is unable to allow for this type of creative thinking and investigation. The school will undertake a full analysis of the 2022 Year 3 and 5 results, together with other school derived data, to make necessary adjustments to our curriculum to meet the needs of our learners. Staff will be actively engaged in this analysis to better inform their planning throughout the remainder of this year and throughout 2023.

However, we are very pleased and proud of what we have achieved and there are some fantastic results. Well done teachers and children.