Reconciliation Action Plan

Our school has begun professional development and preparation of our Reconciliation Action Plan with the staff. Moving forward this will also see us collaborating with parents, elders and most importantly students around proposed actions. This saw teaching staff engaging with the Narragunnawali website to look at resources and develop actions in conjunction with Brisbane Catholic Education’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Officers. Our staff soon will undertake a Cultural Safety Session run by the BCE Cultural Officers. The Cultural Safety Session involves raising staff’s understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Cultures, Practices and Protocols; including the difference between Welcome and Acknowledgment of Country, correct Terminology and creating Culturally safe environments.

As part of this work our school has been working on the creation of our own Acknowledgement of Country, as a video, as spoken words for the classes and something that will be on our website and part of email signatures. This has also seen us commission and have painted across this week a mural telling the story of the lands upon which our school has been built. We have incorporated the ​Breakfast Creek, the Bunya Pine, native palms and flowers and the story of our three school names and we look forward to sharing the story of the design and the artist in the near future.