Our Staff

​​​​Principal: Mr Benedict Campbell

Assistant Principal Religious Education: Mr Joshua O'Keeffe

Primary Leader of Learning: Mrs Tegan Mortimer

​Office Secretary: Mrs Jennifer Goode & Ms Suzy West

Finance Secretary: Mrs Dimity Tune and Mrs Debbie Baratta

Workplace Health & Safety Officer:  Mrs Anita Phillips


Prep: Ms Cecilia Draper and Mrs Jo Curran​

Year One: Ms Ashleigh Cheyne

Year Two; Ms Gabrielle Campbell

Year Three: Mrs Madonna Patmore and Mrs Ann-Maree Shay

Year Four: Ms Eliza Martin

Year Five/Six:  Mrs Brooke Stiller and Ms Brooke Steel


Support Teacher Inclusive Education: Mrs Maureen Walsh

Guidance Counsellor: Dr Kely Lapworth


Specialist Teachers:​

  • The Arts  Mrs Amanda Crocetti
  • Physical Education: Mrs Rebecca Hutton
  • Spanish: Mrs Isabella Soto

​​Student Protection Contacts : 

  • Dr Kely Lapworth (Guidance Counsellor)
  • Mr Benedict Campbell​ (Principal)
  • Mr Joshua O'Keeffe (APRE)​