Behaviour Support Policy


As educators, we believe that behaviour is an ongoing interactive process of relationships, rules, rewards and sanctions involving students, staff and parents.
Our mission, within the school, is to encourage students to make decisions and commitments, which will help them, grow towards individual wholeness.
Therefore our school behaviour support should nurture a climate which protects the community while giving students the necessary support which will enable them to reflect upon their behaviour in relationship to other community members.


As a learning community, we value and respect each individual’s uniqueness and the gifts and talents they bring to our school.
We are committed to developing a community where:
  • Learning is a co-operative activity
  • Every student has the right to learn
  • Every teacher has the right to teach
  • All members of the community have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect
  • All members of the community have the right to feel safe
  • Every student has the capacity to behave acceptably in school
  • A student’s every action has a consequence
  • Ongoing professional development of staff can enhance student behaviour

Student Behaviour Expectations

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for property
  • Respect for the environment
​Rights ​Responsibilities

Every person has the right:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To live within the school community free of verbal, physical and emotional hurt
  • To express oneself, share opinions and ideas and to ask questions freely
  • To work in a positive learning environment
  • To achieve one's best in all aspects of learning
  • To feel proud to belong to the Holy Rosary community
  • To have their property respected

​Every person has the responsibility -

  • To treat others with respect and dignity
  • To refrain from hurtful behaviours
  • To allow others to express themselves, share opinions and ask questions
  • To contribute to a positive learning environment
  • To maintain a clean, safe environment
  • To respect the property of every member of the school


Student Rights and Responsibilities

The school rules, which outline in detail how the students are to behave in a safe, respectful and responsible way, are located in a prominent position in each classroom and the administration building.

Rewards for Appropriate Behaviour

If appropriate behaviour is rewarded often enough, then ideally there will be far less inappropriate behaviour. At Holy Rosary, our behaviour support policy is based on the belief that students not only require clear guidelines and examples of expected behaviour but also opportunities for individual, class and team reward/s for displays of appropriate behaviour.
Individual Rewards: students of excellence, name in the newsletter, teacher awards, positive behaviour charts
Group/whole Class Rewards: Responsible thinking party

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

These are outlined on the teacher edition of the school rules, which are located prominently in each classroom.

Responsible Thinking Process

The responsible thinking room is a dedicated quiet space designed to provide students with the opportunity to reassess their choices and to focus on thinking responsibly. It is not a detention room or a withdrawal room.
The responsible thinking room is coordinated by Maud Gorham. The responsible thinking room operates during the lunch break. When students have completed their responsible thinking task, they can discuss this with Maud and then carry out any consequences required.