Pastoral Care Groups - Multi age

Groupings in the primary are organised on a basis that is consistent with the mission statement and beliefs about how children learn and interact. The system of groupings is on a multi-age basis. It is also know as family groupings. It is one of the oldest forms of educating and involves placing children of different ages in the one class.

Multi age groupings are based on the philosophy of the family. The family grouped classroom extends the features of the ideal family in the school environment by supporting and accommodating individual members.

The Aims

A family grouped classroom aims to…

  • Provide for teacher, parents and students to work together for a longer period of time in order to provide security and stability
  • Encourage students to become independent and responsible learners
  • Respect and acknowledge individual developmental levels
  • Provide all members with the opportunity to become models and teachers
  • Minimise the need for dehumanising competition and thus enhancing self-esteem
  • Provide an environment where there are clear expectations that all will earn
  • Provide a more individualised and supportive learning environment