Pastoral Care Statement

Pastoral Care at St Mary of the Cross seeks to foster growth in students, in co-operation with parents, families, community agencies and the Church. Pastoral Care recognises that:

  • The school has a rich history of reaching out to the community based on the gospel notion of justice, care, compassion and tolerance of difference
  • There is a strong commitment to building inclusive relationships which engender well being, reconciliation, belonging and security
  • We demonstrate an attitude of openness and honesty
  • We support each other by listening, sharing ideas and offering assistance
  • We actively support an open door policy to facilitate two-way communication
  • We affirm the dignity and worth of the individual
  • The students use their own special talents and always do their best
  • The students make their own decisions and accept responsibility for their actions. The rights of the school community to feel safe and be respected are safeguarded
  • Teaching and learning within the classroom is facilitated within in an environment of care, compassion and expectation that all children can learn but at different rates.