Student Support

2021-SMOTC-20S.jpgLearning Support

The learning support teacher provides direct help to students by assessing, planning and implementing programs for students individually, in groups or in class settings. The learning support teacher also liaises with outside agencies such as special education consultants, state advisory teachers and speech pathologist to organise relevant programs for those who meet the criteria for such support. Parents are informed of any consultation and subsequent intervention that is undertaken with these agencies.​

Student Counsellor

The student counsellor provides relevant guidance on request to help resolve personal concerns. Consultancy and support is also available to parents and staff.

ESL (English as a second Language)

As necessary a teacher is employed to provide intensive teaching with students who have English as a second language.

School Officers

The title School Officer includes teacher aides, library aides and secretarial staff. Each class teacher has teacher aide time allotted to them to perform various tasks such as photocopying and lesson/activity preparation. Teacher aides also work with individual/groups of students for learning support work.